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The next best thing to lead!

Whilst Leadwise have unapologetically championed the use of sheet lead for its peerless properties in providing weathertightness and pleasing details, it is nonetheless undeniable that recent times have brought about a change in the attitudes of some towards using lead in certain instances, with the proliferation of lead theft and accompanying collateral damage as well as greater environmental awareness. With this in mind there has been a movement, in some quarters, towards finding a viable alternative to the use of lead. 


To this end, we have experimented with many products, all purporting to be viable alternatives to lead, and found them wanting in some respect or other, be it in aesthetics, malleability or practicality in fitting... until we discovered the PERFORM product. 


In our opinion, PERFORM offers the best opportunity to faithfully replicate the traditional aesthetically pleasing lead detailing whilst also performing its intended function. 


We are pleased to have been entrusted with the distribution of PERFORM as we firmly believe it to be the most credible alternative to lead. PERFORM is patented, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, light and easy to handle and install and does not require any hot works either. Whilst undoubtedly a major factor of the product is the fact that there is no scrap value attached to it, there are clearly many other noteworthy properties that set it apart from its competitors. For instance, the self-contained covering is breathable and prevents the formation of humidity and condensation under the area covered. In addition, because there is no issue of thermal movement with PERFORM then there is no requirement for involved substrate detailing to accommodate this, thereby giving an obvious reduction in labour and material costs on site. 


PERFORM carries an Agrément Certificate and conforms to the Building Regulations (N.l.) 2000, Construction (Design and Management) regulations (N.l.) 2007 and the NHBC Standards 2008. All test data indicate that the product should have a life in excess of 20 years. 


We have already used the product extensively on a wide range of projects, including some listed buildings which had been repeatedly subjected to lead theft and associated damage, and can testify to the benefits and versatility of PERFORM. All the feedback we have received from others on the product has been very positive. We are also happy to give free on site tuition on its use to others if required.

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